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B/C APR 29/MAY 6 2017
1.Band of Horses-Factory
2.Night Beds-Ramona
3.Sturgill Simpson-Voices
4.Afghan Whigs-Matamoros
5.The War on Drugs-Red Eyes
6.El Vy-The Man To Be
7.Cormac O’Caoimh-Second-hand Clothes
8.Boa Morte-Darkened Doorway
10.Wilco-Dawned on Me
11.Mark Mulcahy-She Makes the World Turn Backwards
12.Robert Forster-A Poet Walks

This show is available on the RTE Player here.


My Band, My Vision

B/C Jan 29 2017
1.Intro: Beirut-Payne’s Bay (Zach Condon)
1.Palace-New Partner (Will Oldham)
2.Smog-Ex Con (Bill Callahan)
3.Sun Kil Moon-Richard Ramires Died of Natural Causes (Mark Kozelek)
4.Guided By Voices-Tractor Rape Chain (Robert Pollard)
5.Sparklehorse-Rainmaker (Mark Linkous)
6.Grandaddy-AM 180 (Jason Lyttle)
7.Band of Horses-Compliments (Ben Bridwell)
8.Willard Grant Conspiracy-Beyond the Shore (Robert Fisher)
9.Silver Jews-How to Rent a Room (Davd Berman)
10.Villagers-Hot Scary Summer (Conor O’Brien)
11.The Divine Comedy-Life on Mars (Neil Hannon)
12.Pretenders-Private Life (Chrissie Hynde)

This show is avalable on the RTE Player here.

Irish Special (5)

B/C FEB 15 2012
1.Toasted Heretic-Galway and Los Angeles
2.Sinead O’Connor-Troy
3.The Swell Season-Lies
4.Villagers-That Day
5.David Kitt- Another Love Song
6.Light a Big Fire-Hunger
7.Cactus World News-The Bridge
8.Guernica-Orange and Red
9..Sack-What did the Christians ever do for Us?
10.Power of Dreams-A Little Piece of God
11.Stump-Charlton Heston
12.Simple Kid-The Average Man

This show is now available to listen to on the RTE player.