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B/C APR 29/MAY 6 2017
1.Band of Horses-Factory
2.Night Beds-Ramona
3.Sturgill Simpson-Voices
4.Afghan Whigs-Matamoros
5.The War on Drugs-Red Eyes
6.El Vy-The Man To Be
7.Cormac O’Caoimh-Second-hand Clothes
8.Boa Morte-Darkened Doorway
10.Wilco-Dawned on Me
11.Mark Mulcahy-She Makes the World Turn Backwards
12.Robert Forster-A Poet Walks

This show is available on the RTE Player here.



B/C Nov 26 2016
Intro: Seti the First-Melting Cavalry
1.Sinead O’Connor & The Edge-Heroine
2. Clannad-In a Lifetime
3. Passengers-Your Blue Room
4.Jubilee Allstars-In the Morning
5.The Sewing Room-Detumescent
6.The Drays-Playground of the Rich
7.Cormac O’Caoimh-Thirst and Water
8.Hinterland-Handle Me
9.Interference-American Townland
10.In Motion-Honey Sweet Soul
11.Woodstar-Dumb Punk Song
12.Ash-Jack Names the Planets
13.The Frames-What Happens When the Heart Just Stops?

This show is available on the RTE player here.