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Dark Horses(2)

B/C Oct 28 2017
Intro:The Cars-Drive
1.Throwing Muses-Angel Falls
2.Sonic Youth-Wish Fulfillment
3.Buffalo Tom-Late at Night
4.Wilco-It’s Just That Simple
5.Band of Horses-Older
6.Boa Morte-Burn
7.The Pogues-I’m a Man You Won’t Meet Every Day
8.The Triffids-Goodbye Little Boy
9.The Velvet Underground-Afterhours
12.The Beach Boys-Forever
13.The Lemonheads-Anyway
14.Joy Division-Interzone
15.The Clash-Train in Vain

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Gaps Between Albums

B/C Oct 21 2017
Intro: My Bloody Valentine-Soon
1.Gilian Welch-Dark Turn of Mind
2.Lucinda Williams-Lake Charles
3.Levon Helm-False-hearted Lover Blues
4.Boa Morte-Quarter to Ten
5.Brian-Right Through Tuesday
6.Morrissey-Irish Blood,English Heart
7.Leonard Cohen-Anyhow
8.Tom Waits-What’s He Building in There?
9.David Bowie-I’d Rather Be High
10.Robert Forster-Learn to Burn
11.Aimee Mann-Ghost World
12.Mark Mulcahy-Where’s the Indifference Now?

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B/C APR 29/MAY 6 2017
1.Band of Horses-Factory
2.Night Beds-Ramona
3.Sturgill Simpson-Voices
4.Afghan Whigs-Matamoros
5.The War on Drugs-Red Eyes
6.El Vy-The Man To Be
7.Cormac O’Caoimh-Second-hand Clothes
8.Boa Morte-Darkened Doorway
10.Wilco-Dawned on Me
11.Mark Mulcahy-She Makes the World Turn Backwards
12.Robert Forster-A Poet Walks

This show is available on the RTE Player here.

Ire (1)

B/C 30 AUG 2012
1.Thin Lizzy-Dancing in the Moonlight
2.Paul Brady-Crazy Dreams
3.U2-11 O’Clock Tick Tock
5.Frank and Walters-Michael
6.Boa Morte-The Spade Song
7.The Undertones-Here Comes the Summer
8.The Blades-Hot for You
9. Something Happens-Here Comes the Only One Again
10. The Stars of Heaven-Widow’s Walk
11. Brian-You Don’t Want a Boyfriend
12. Serious Women-Baby
13..My Bloody Valentine-Nothing Much to Lose
14. Therapy-Screamager

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2xm on 2fm

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1.U2- 11 O’Clock Tick Tock
2.The Fuze-It’s a Sunday Morning
3.The Undertones-Wednesday Week
4.The Blades-Downmarket
6.Something Happens-Beach (live)
7.Frank and Walters- Walter’s Trip
8.Boa Morte-Wooden Floor
9.Adrian Crowley-Tall Ships
10.Brian- Time Stood Still
11.The Stars of Heaven-Widow’s Walk

This show went out on Sun June 24 on RTE 2fm radio. It is available to listen to on the RTE player. Go to http://www.2fm.ie and click on REPLAY and then click CHANGE DATE in top righthand corner, select June 24 and find RTE 2xm on 2fm at the foot of the page and click I want to listen to a recording of this show. Two hour-long shows go out from 10pm to midnight and this was the second so you need to scroll forward an hour to listen.

Stay Up Late

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B/C June 21
1.Talking Heads-Stay Up Late
3.Curtis Mayfield-If I was Only a Child Again
4.Cathy Davey-Go Make It
5.PJ Harvey-Sheela Na Gig
6.Pretenders-Talk of the Town
7.Sonny Boy Williamson-Don’t Start Me to Talkin’
8.Muddy Waters-Long Distance Call
9.Howlin’ Wolf-Down in the Bottom
10.Richard Thompson- Happy Days and Auld Lang Syne
11.Boa Morte-Tears on a Full Moon
12.Smog- Let Me see the Colts
13.Lovin’ Spoonful-Six O’Clock

This show is available on the RTE player.

Ireland (3)

B/C Nov 16 2011

1.The Fat Lady Sings-Dronning Maud Land
2.Harvest Ministers-Silent House
3.Engine Alley-Rollergirl
4.Into Paradise-Move Over
5.Whipping Boy-We Don’t Need Nobody Else
6.Hothouse Flowers-Love Don’t Work This Way
7.The Fashions-The Secrets of Young Brides
8.The Rhythm Kings-Hey Hey Holly
9.Auto da Fe-November November
10.Ray Lynam-I Don’t Want to See Another Town
11.Dot Creek-Girl from the Hills
12.Boa Morte-Tired Eyes
13.Cousteau-Talking to Myself

This show is available to listen to on the RTE player: