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B/C April 2 2015
1.Pierce Turner-Musha God Help Her (Smalltown Gossip)
2.Those Nervous Animals-My Friend John (The Business Enterprise)
3.Gregory Gray-Seatown
4.Big Self-Surprise Surprise
5.Snow Patrol (feat Martha Wainwright)-Set the Fire to the 3rd Bar
6.The Band(feat.Van Morrison)-4% Pantomime
7.Five Go Down to the Sea-Silk Brain Worm Women
8.Sultans of Ping FC-Turnip Fish
9.Ger Wolfe-Song from the Earth
10.Mellow Candle-Messenger Birds
11.Cara Dillon-The Shores of Lough Bran
12.The Cranberries-Yeats’ Grave
13.The Baby Snakes-Fade

This show is available on the RTE player here.


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  1. Enjoyed the show Michael! By coincidence, we posted a Baby Snakes session this week here Must check out some more Gregory Gray, heard the name but am not very familiar with his music.


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