Canadian Special (1)

B/C Nov 21 2013
1.Neil Young -Helpless
2.Joni Mitchell-A Case of You
3.Gordon Lightfoot-Early Morning Rain
4..Mary Margaret O’Hara-My Friends Have
5.Oh Susanna-River Blue
6.Martha Wainwright-GPT
7.Kate and Ann McGarrigle-Kiss and Say Goodbye
8.KD Lang-Fallen
9.The Band-Katie’s Been Gone
10. Feist-So Sorry
11.Emm Gryner-Deckchairs and Cigarettes
12. Martha and the Muffins-Echo Beach

This show is now available on the RTE player here.!rii=18%3A10223340%3A4725%3A21%2D11%2D2013%3A


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  1. Very interesting selection, I had similar thoughts recently as a band I play in were booked to play at a Canadian bar in London. In the end it was hard to justify a set that included melancholy offerings from Joni, Neil Young,Leonard Cohen and Shatner. Though it would have been great to play ‘Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft’ by Klaatu in the end we added a Bryan Adams track and ‘You Aint Seen Nothin Yet’ By Bachman Turner Overdrive


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