80s Alternative

B/C FEB 8 2012
1.Husker Du-Don’t Want to Know if You are Lonely
2.Buffalo Tom-Birdbrain
3.The Pixies-Winterlong
4.Jesus and Mary Chain-The Hardest Walk
5.Wedding Present-A Million Miles
7.The Replacements-Skyway
8.The Smiths-Back to the Old House
10.The Go-Betweens-I’m All Right
11.Triffids-Bright Lights Big City
12.The Birthday Party -Release the Bats
13.Kitchens of Distinction-The 3rd Time We Opened the Capsule

This show is now available on the RTE player.


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  1. Fanning Sessions

    Some great tunes there indeed. Liked the obscure Lemonheads choice, it’s a cover of a Proud Scum (NZ) track http://youtu.be/WMaItSf20Gc – googled it 😉 Also enjoyed hearing that Kitchens of Distinction song again.


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