B/C FEB 1 2012
1.Sandy Denny-Solo
2.Morrissey- Angel Angel Down We Go Together
3.Chris Bell-You and Your Sister
4.David McComb-Clear Out My Mind
5.Grant McLennan-Lighting Fires
6.Robert Forster-I Want to be Quiet
7.Graham Nash-Simple Man
8.David Crosby-Traction in the Rain
9.Stephen Stills-Sit Yourself Down
10.Frank Black-Los Angeles
11.Paul Westerbeg-Knocking on Mine
12.Bob Mould-See a Little Light

This show is available to listen to on the RTE player on the link below.



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  1. Listening in Toronto, Canada. Love thw show;0)

    • How nice to hear from Canada. I was born in Kingston, Ontario and moved to Ireland when I was 5. I was actually thinking of doing a special on Canadian acts in the next while. Please feel free to send in suggestions. Thanks for listening.

  2. Fanning Sessions

    Enjoying the new shows Michael!


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